scopia® video conferencing infrastructure

Lay the foundation for powerful, scaleable, cost effective and unparalleled interoperable multi party video collaboration infrastructure.

bandwidth efficiency
exceptional video quality

Bandwidth Efficiency

Experience crisp, smooth video quality with resolutions up to 1080p/60fps, stellar bandwidth efficiency, and error resiliency with H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and Scalable Video Coding (SVC).

Exceptional Video Quality

The Avaya Scopia® sets the standard for an exceptional conferencing experience, helping users feel like they are together in the same room with remote participants, where distance has disappeared. Simultaneous HD 1080p/60fps for live video and content and CD-quality, 20 kHz audio transform a simple video meeting into a true collaborative session as if local and remote participants are working together at the same table.

record your interactions
bring your own device

Record Your Interactions

The power of meeting recording and multi-party conferencing is available for enabling team engagement far beyond the basics. Recording, and turning your real-time meeting into a valuable stored asset, is an important capability for note taking, meeting review, fiduciary, and educational needs. This capability requires only a USB disk or key.

Bring Your Own Device

This next generation powerful hardware and software combination supports media processing for advanced video conferencing room system devices and delivers high scalability and distributed processing for boardroom, desktop, and mobile deployment, and interoperates with any third party H.323 and SIP endpoints.

1080p60 Live Interactivity
1080p50 Dual Presentation
High Profile Bandwidth Efficiency
SVC Any Network
9 - Way MCU Small Business
Desktop/Mobile Integrated Support
Recording On USB